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Another important missing movie on this site! No online movie site can be complete without mentioning the Matrix, simply from the extremely high geek factor.

Where do you start? The romanticized ideal of the computer hacker (being a criminal doesn't matter if the world isn't real, right?) - the ultra chic projection of maximal cool - everyone's sublimated desires realized in the form of omnipotence?

The Matrix movies have the potential of inheriting the science fiction mantle of idealism from the Star Wars movies (which are lately doing a marvelous job of casting off said mantle). The world of science fiction in the late seventies and early eighties was more optimistic. The Matrix reflects a more sinister world, where nothing can be trusted.

The reality of the world in the Matrix is flawed. How can it be so hard to track things in a completely generated world? There is something strange about the physics presented as well. And conceptions of what may be fated to happen would have been better left out. But nobody really cares much because the Matrix makes you feel like you are in control, like you can take on the world. The human mind doesn't want to deal with flaws in reality at the expense of having control of it all.

The Matrix is just fun, in a sleek modern macho package.

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