Love, Sex, and Romance in the Raw

I found this movie to be deeply moving and quite explicit. The moving part is how I intimately understand the main character, Marie, on an emotional level. Physical affection, in some compassionate form, is a human necessity. I understand completely how cold and empty the world seems when the person you love will no longer touch you or act desirous to you. After a certain time without touch, a person’s moral compass may indeed falter. It no longer matters how disgusting it seems on the surface and you rationalize it by setting up some sort of boundaries. How cold the world seems when you feel that your desires are termed chores or your once passionate relationship makes you feel just like a ball and chain to your loved one? There is a certain vitality to be desired, to be wanted, even if it shows a certain lack of respect and decency.

It is interesting to think of sex as a cross between tediousness and the divine. I think that statement does seem to capture the essence. The act itself is simple and nearly mechanical, however when there are genuine feelings involved, it is so much more then the experience.

I found it interesting, how Marie places blame on her boyfriend, Paul, for her activities. Paul is the one who only touches Marie after she has been with the master seducer. The use of color is interesting. Paul’s apartment is all white from the kitchen, to the bedroom, to the backroom. The purity is sterile. There is no life. Paul’s only life is to go dancing with other females. He just does not actually like to live with women.

There was mention of kissing being more intimate then intercourse, which I beg to differ. Granted French kissing is different from kissing ones family or the European habit of kissing near the cheeks of acquaintances, but for me I have kissed more males then I have been intimate with. Kissing is indeed a form of intimacy but with intercourse the stakes are higher both emotionally, and biologically. Emotionally there is the sense of sharing an experience with someone. It brings touching to a different state then simply a hug. I find it an experience that not only releases tension, but also fills me with such joy that it adds another dimensionality to existence. This intense emotional state creates a bond. As for biologically speaking, for heterosexual couples there is the chance for pregnancy and in all couples a chance for sexually transmitted diseases.

I do not speak French so I had to read the subtitles. There are some really interesting philosophical statements made throughout the movie. I did not care much for the ending nor the odd music played. There are lots of graphic scenes. I found that some of the scenes were too long and could have been greatly shortened (such as a scene with the couple walking along the beach).

I have another problem with the movie itself in that in one of Paul’s apartment scenes, there is a cat in two or three shots. Nowhere before is there mention of a cat, so I do not see the point in having the cat other then that it is another white object in Paul’s sterile home life. The color red and black are introduced as clothing on Marie when she is back from one of her bondage experiences with the much older, master seducer. The use of color as an indication of vitality was used in “Pleasantville� and “Chocolate.�

I understand that this is not my usual review format and am thankful for you to read the whole thing. This movie has made me think that some of my sexual thoughts do not make me so weird. That it is perfectly natural to want to be wanted. Although, I may beg to differ that a woman only becomes a woman once she makes a mother but we are all entitled to our own opinions.

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