Life as I Know It

I sympathize with the main character, Muriel. Oh to grow up in a “small town� where one is placed in a box and labeled for as long as you know people in that town. How mean other females can be when they value clothes, style, and appearance over substance? Females can be so cruel to each other. The acting is great and if you like ABBA this should be a great film for you since it is the soundtrack. It is interesting that the same behavior of people occurs in a different culture an ocean away. I feel that the take home message of just believing in oneself and friends does indeed matter more than getting married for the sake of being important. Marriage should be part of a sacred bond between two people who love each other. Without the love, it might as well be a corporation. The accents may take awhile to get used to. This is a mostly light movie, and shows that a few times the problems people have are not with themselves but the toxic relationships they have. Sometimes one has to start over to find happiness. I think living in a town named Porpoise Spit alone could damage a person’s ego.
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