Feel Good but Not Great Movie

This movie has some slight controversial topics depending on your views, such as a hetereosexual falling in love with a homosexual man and hoping he will change, and a female not living with nor marrying the father of her child. In today’s life of Jerry Springer, these topics are mild, but some viewers may have traditional views on issues. I find more potent is that love can blossom without physical intimacy, that all it needs is for two people to connect on some level. However for love to survive both people need to feel it. I enjoyed Jennifer Aniston’s acting. The movie has structure where the ending and beginning are similar but with different twists. In the end, everything is wrapped up, but there is no real sense of living happily ever after. There is a sense that families are made not by blood but by compassion and interest in the happiness of each other. I have no problems with either the scenes or the soundtrack. I feel that the title is a bittersweet reminder of a romance that was never meant to be. I preferred Jennifer Aniston’s character here then her more conniving character Rachel on “Friends.� In this movie, she seems more human, but “Friends� is a comedy after all.
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