Livin On the Edge

Some of the camera angles are just amazing. There is a lot of life breathed into this movie. There is great emotion, but I did not feel that the soundtrack helped the mood. Being that this is a story about a paramedic, there are a number of gory scenes. It is also a story about ones own demons that haunt us, when we feel that we have let the world down. We must at some point forgive ourselves. Forgiveness allows us to go another day knowing that we are after all human. However, there is just a sense of this movie that life sucks, and that everyone has bad days. The movie does help in giving the audience the same sense of life is crazy as Frank Pierce (the main character) slowly loses his grip on reality. Sometimes I like to go to a movie to gain some insight, some knowledge, or some sense that life is not as terrible as I would like to think, but this movie does not do that.
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