When Art Imitates Life and Gets A Life of Its Own

There is even a scene after This is a delightful movie with wit and many laughs. It is nice to have a comedy without going for the lowest common denominator. The computer graphics are great too. Al Pacino puts some of his best acting in this film. It is a feel-good flick well worth the money they charge for movies these days. There is even a scene after the credits.

In this world of high-tech visual effects, it does bring up an interesting idea. Can we have an artificial cast? “Final Fantasy� the movie shows some of the potential, but the true ability would be to have more mixed media of real-action and animation. Perhaps by having computerized actors and actresses maybe movies can be made cheaper, more people can have movies, and there will be more jobs for computer programmers.

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Review: Simulate me star6/10 andrew

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