The Ugly Duckling Retold

This story stars Uma Thurman and Janeane Garofalo. Garofalo plays Dr Abby and Thurman plays Noelle. Dr Abby is a talk show host of a pet themed radio broadcast. She meets an unlucky photographer on the phone during one of the shows. Pulling off a K9 version of the horse whisperer, she talks Brian into calming the angry dog. Brian feels a connection with the voice and pursues Dr Abby for a date. In a thin plot device, Noelle stands in for Dr Abby and Brian thinks he has found the complete package - brains and beauty. The rest of the movie deals with the deception, the "male" complex dealing with Helen of Troy, betrayal, and finally righting the wrong.

Of course, the underlying message is that beauty comes in many sizes and shapes. A romantic comedy down the middle of the road.

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