Mathematical Genius Gone Bad

This movie is boring. It does use some techno music to add some tension, plus the camera is geared to help with the insanity and the chase scenes. There is little compassion for our main character, or any real emotion, granted he does play just a major introvert. There is a fine line between genius and insanity. I find “A Beautiful Mind� to be a better view of this idea and more interesting. Granted had I not been a mathematician for a while, perhaps I might have found this movie more moving. However, the repeated lines just seemed to fill the emptiness of the script writing. I already know that mathematics is everywhere and that people are already using mathematics to find patterns in the stock market. The take home message is that sometimes stupidity can lead to a better life, and perhaps the same might go for movies at times. Although, I did like the idea of using black and white to shoot the movie considering mathematics and logic are black and white.
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