This movie is outstanding. If you are an emotional person like myself, only see it once. It is DEFINATELY a tear-jerker. You feel so much for everyone, during this horrific time in the world's history of human suffering and trauma. It is great to think that there were some heroes in the war that did not necessarily hit the front lines of combat. The movie is in black-and-white which helps to bring the focus on the people and the stark reality of the story. Liam Neeson does a superb performance.

This deserves all the stars, because you really become one with the characters and the whole film. For a movie that takes you out of your own life into another realm is worth experiencing. It is good to be able to see through the eyes of another person and to gain some sort of sympathy and empathy for the trials and courageous events that have shaped not only lives but nations.

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Review: Absolutely fantastic. star10/10 SillyconJester

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