Stereotypes Unite

I feel that this might have had potential with the cast. Alas, there was nothing insightful, but perhaps an occassional snicker. I love the bit on privatizing nuclear power. However, that was in my opinion the best part. For the most part it is bashing females and people who are not caucasian Americans, but thank goodness that during this movie made a year ago there were no middle easterners portrayed, only in the sense that tensions are still slightly more for that particular group. I feel that there might have been more constructive mocking of the socially, politically, and/or financially elite. Just seemed like a bunch of conservatives being childish. There were the bizarre scenes with a tall pelican as the mascot and a waiter wanting to go to clown school which seemed pointless.

I must agree with most of the other reviewers, that the movie seems to be without focus. It is just a reason to have a bunch of celebrities on the screen at once with a few lines each. No real sense of purpose and no real reason to care. It would be funner to just go camping in the woods and not worry at all about this film.

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