When puppets attack!

Tuned into a random episode of this show and was intrigued by the cast of the opening credits - Eugene Levy, Seth Green, Sarah Silverman, and Dina Waters (neé Spybey). Unfortunately, the promise of said actors was not fulfilled.

This looks to be a bad replacement series, an experiment that was clearly not going to sustain an audience, but probably cheap enough to use as filler.

The cuts are almost painfully rote. As if they taped the output directly off a live three camera setup - no trimming for timing purposes (I'm not convinced I can call it a traditional three camera show, however). The acting... while the lines are delivered well enough, there almost feels a universal resignation that the show isn't going to last. The exception seems to be our puppeteer(s?), voicing out some fairly ridiculous characters. This show is probably created based on the strength of these puppet characters, so it makes a certain amount of sense. The problem is that, as an apparent comedy, I didn't see anything really funny, or much even wryly so.

I imagine it's possible I've run into a bum episode - I'll update this review if I discover the error of my ways, but I doubt I'll need to.

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