Ain’t That a Man?

This movie was meant to act like a storybook read to Fred Savage before he became Kevin Arnold in “The Wonder Years,� however as a fantasy fan I wanted to see more. I think that Buttercup’s character or the actress, Robin Wright, or both were lacking in soul, depth, or something more then an innocent face. The real story is Cary Elwes as Westley. The dream of some ladies to have a man willing to risk his life, to risk unspeakable torture for the woman he loves. There is some awesome fencing in the movie, but there is one scene that makes it all worthwhile. A simple monologue that sends shivers down my spine. It is so strong, courageous, and marvelous speech by Westley. Otherwise, the plot is nothing special and nothing else noteworthy. One of the biggest disappointments is that the villains were not that engaging.
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