Life and Laughter

I really loved this movie. It has laughs, and philosophy about life and of course families. This was the movie right after “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure� for Keanu Reeves, although the same relative character is used, but not with the same “excellent� all the time. I think the main point is that we all have dysfunctional families, so why worry about anything. It has a light-heartedness about some heavy issues. Steve Martin, Mary Steenburgen, and Rick Moranis do fine performances. There is even Thomas Hulce from “Amadeus� in this movie.

There are some comments about romance and love between parents. It is just an overall great movie, and best seen when the world seems horrible, or you really cannot stand your family any more.

Also it has one of my favorite songs, “Close to You�, “Why do birds suddenly appear, everytime you are near? Just like me they long to be close to you . . .�

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