As Cheesy as it Wants to be

I tried this movie since a few people I have known liked it. With so many shows having done bathroom humor and parodies, such as “The Naked Gun� movie series for instance, I did not find this movie all that funny. Granted I do not like hairless cats either which turns me off to that portion of the movie. I preferred in Mike Meyers “So I Married an Axe Murderer,� and of course in “Shrek.� The movie itself shows the world of the late 1960s filming, from the back drops moving past cars, to people silhouetted by city signs. The music is fun, but the strange scenes of 60s music videos is a bit out of place. However, the whole idea of this movie is to be as senseless as possible. I did not finish watching the movie out of boredom. Since many of those that told me they liked the movie, said the second movie was not as good, then I know that I have no need to watch that. You would be better of shagging yourself then to watch the movie, and that is my 2 pence on the situation.

I give it a star for the music and costuming. I love that velvet suit, baby!

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