A Warm-Fuzzy Comedy

I really enjoyed this romantic comedy. I could not give this a whole hearted 10, because I think that there were parts of it that should have been cut out. There was no need to have people's likes and dislikes about things. This part of the movie was interesting but really distracts from the point of the story. The end and beginning of the movie with different segments of what is happening in different parts of Paris is also just artsy stuff that adds nothing to the film. I also did not care for some of the scenes with the highspeed film, it does not add much.

Over all the movie itself was good, it is just the film itself could have been a bit more focused.

The story leaves one with the joy of romance and the hope that all introverts everywhere can find love :) and enjoyment.

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Review: A very fabulous destiny indeed star10/10 andrew

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