Okay, I'm sure someone can go look 'Rollicking' for me, but even without a definition at hand, it seems like the right way to describe Zoolander.

Ben Stiller plays Derek Zoolander, a male model so dumb he can't turn left (no, really, it's in the film). He ends up being brainwashed to kill the prime minister of Malaysia. Don't bother asking why - a movie told so much through the eyes of an idiot is almost necessarily devoid of such surface logic.

And recognizing that is probably the biggest reason they got this movie right. There is a certain joyful abandon in the approach taken that comes out on screen. But at the same time, the abandon is held in check by careful attention to the consistency of the characters. Zoolander is really the form that all those awful Saturday Night Live movie adaptations are aiming for - sketch comedy stretched out to feature length. It's a fine line to make such absurdities as we see on screen ring true, but ring quite pleasingly they do.

Speaking of Saturday Night Live - the film is graced by the presence of Will Farrell as the evil fashion designer Mogutu. Usually, his appearance is enough to drop a film a couple points in my mind, but perhaps the heavy makeup/wig job covers him up enough to lessen his grating effect. He does this character well, though plays him much like most characters you might have ever seen him play. He's got his shtick and he sticks to it.

Don't expect deep thoughts from Zoolander, but it is, at least, deeply funny, which is sometimes all one should really want from a movie.

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