What if they wrote a plot but forgot to write a movie?

How do you know when you have a Plot Twist movie on your hands? When you keep being reminded how much you mostly but do not quite know something. Impostor is such a movie, yet another inspired by a Phillip K. Dick story, starring Gary Sinise, Madeline Stowe, and with nary a stitch to wear but this tired old plot device.

Okay, so science fiction is kind of a known form now, its trappings pretty well emblazened in the mind of popular culture. Yet filmmakers seem to have so often forgotten the key to any kind of speculative story - a sense of wonder and mystery about the world we are in. Impostor doesn't even try to give a sense of place - the storytelling is all mechanical and rote, though technically well done - for mechanical and rote. Still, I did note a little bit of overindulgence on the dutch angle which so dominated that Battlefield Earth disaster.

Sinise is fine with a role that could have been interesting if he'd been surrounded by more ambitious folk. I'm not sure I understand his choices - most of what I seem him in is dreck, though he has skills. Perhaps I haven't tried hard enough to find his better work.

For a movie that bets its soul on the plot twist, it doesn't even fully justify the twist - maybe it makes the surprise easier to achieve, but it also makes it less satisfying. This one doesn't really have much to offer - pass on it unless you are really stuck and have a weakness for the genre.

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