Cast Away meets Lassie, well not really

I was almost instantly reminded of The Nephew - the boy with dead parents being sent to the grandfather on the island from a simpler time where people hold grudges for decades... Only this is, more or less, the Disney version, and dogs - including one by the name of Owd Bob - factor in signifcantly into the plot. The intended audience is pretty young, but there is some implied violence. There's a pseudo-romantic plot as well, but the principals are too young for it to go anywhere. The only reasons I stuck through it were James Cromwell, and to see if the resemblance to The Nephew would continue. Those resemblances fell apart in the first half, but they were strong enough to merit investigation. The Nephew is based on a true story in the family of one of the filmmakers, while Owd Bob is a remake of Owd Bob (1938), so I guess it's just a matter of people on islands experiencing the same types of dramas. It's not a bad movie, and I'd recommend it for those children old enough to deal with it. But adults might want to check for something more interesting to watch first.
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