Too sympathetic

In one of those strange Hollywood convergences, Rob Roy was released quietly next to the much louder Braveheart. Why these genre movies come in batches has eluded me. Nonetheless...

Rob Roy is a fairly simple story of thwarted ambition and revenge. Originally a novel by Sir Walter Scott, it stars Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange. Lange's an actress that doesn't get as many roles as she should. She adapts easily to many different roles. As Mary MacGregor she is the strong wife and mother. Liam Neeson is an easy fit for Robert Roy MacGregor. And Tim Roth plays the villain, a role that he finds many times.

The story is solid, the costumes are authentic, and the cinematography is well done. The only problem with the movie is that it is too sweeping, too teary, and too sincere.

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