John Sayles first commercial film

Brother from Another Planet is like many of Sayles films. It is full of commentary and subtlety. Joe Morton plays an alien who falls to earth - NYC to be exact. In one of the opening scenes, we see the Alien making his way on a boat in front of the former twin towers of the World Trade Center. Morton's alien is mute. He is intelligent and picks up on many languages, but cannot communicate accept for a few hand gestures. His great alien power is spent fixing pinball machines. We come to find out that this alien is an escaped slave. Reading graffiti imbued with secret hobo like symbols, the alien finds others like him and avoids capture.

This is not Sayles finest movie, but it is worth seeing.

Interestingly, this movie may be the origin of Men In Black. Sayles plays one of two alien bounty hunters. Uber-cool with slick hair and simple black clothes, they are the prototypes of the new, less thoughtful duo

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