A black and white jazz treat

Ever notice how Hollywood seems to have small groups that move in parallel? A group of movies seems to get produced and delivered in a time frame that suggests some sort of coercion. The movies seem very similar - there was the dinosaur movies and before that there were a few movies trying to cover jazz heros. This is one of those movies.

Bruce Weber filmed this movie. If you don't recognize the name, you know his work. He is responsible for the Calvin Klein ads. He has a keen eye and the black and white palette adds a lot of style to this movie. It's a biography of Chet Baker. Weber's spin on the cool-jazz great is that he is a modern day portrait of Dorian Gray. Baker's youth was fast and furious. As he aged, his visage begins to show the corruption and grime of his past. This is nothing new. Weber obviously worships at the Baker alter, but he does keep his objectivity. Yes, we've seen the story at least a hundred times. Oliver Stone tries to honor the Doors in the eponymous film, but it just comes off rather cliched. Let's Get Lost is more compelling. Perhaps its the sharp focus of the black and white film. Perhaps its the story. Perhaps its the fact that movie actually stars Chet Baker. We get to see first hand the family and people that Baker touched. During the filming, Baker apparently walked out of the hotel window in Paris - 10 or 12 floors up. He could never escape the hold of drugs on his life.

Great soundtrack

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