An odd threesome...

Recently, I've watched three movies - O, The Bourne Identity, and The Shipping News. Not thematically related, these movies have made me think about the screenplay. Taking an idea inherited from someone else and transferring it to film.

'O' is an updated version of Shakespeare's Othello. Moved to a boarding school and shifted down a few years to teenagers. When watching a movie like this one that has been done so many times before, I get caught up in trying to identify the transformations in the screen play. How do the elements get mapped? Is this a 1:1 translation or a loose interpretation? What keeps this story true to the nature of the play?

The Cohen brothers played with their audience by tying in elements of the Odyssey in O Brother, but this movie is more of an interpretation. The base story is there. Well to do father (originally a Duke, but now the basketball coach nicknamed "The Duke") spurns his son for the glory of Othello (originally a heroic knight, now a phenomenal point gaurd). The son stakes out revenge in both stories.

Mapping O to the basketball court is a little strange. The film works on some levels, but isn't really gripping. Some decent young talent help move the film forward.

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