"In the real world it's boys on top of girls"

This film is running across cable as "All I Wanna Do" - what's with titles these days? Even translating some of the other titles the IMDB has doesn't quite fit the movie - Girls Do Law? What we have is a 60s girls prep school movie with political overtones, but it's really just comedy about being disobedient.

It's an ensemble cast, including Kirsten Dunst (top billed, of course), and Heather Matarazzo. Yes my campaign to see as many of Kirsten's film credits as possible continues. Standing on its own, Kirsten's performance might not stand out tremendously, but it's showing us what a range she has. Most the other teen comedies she's done are pretty fluffy. While this ain't exactly Oscar territory, there's more for her to sink her teeth into without being an all out drama like Crazy/Beautiful (where you can really see her in action). But the real performance in the film belongs to veteran Lynn Redgrave. She may seem like a tough bitch in her most recent roles, but she plays the tough bitch with a determined high-mindedness that's hard to surpass.

The plot is nothing new, though it's executed pretty well, and integrated well with the themes of the film, which are a little more sophisticated than what you might expect. This sort of film is expected to have something of a sexual undercurrent, but the filmmakers bring it front and center a lot of the time, which I guess is how you get to be "edgy" in a comedy these days. It's not good, it's not bad, it's just interesting that it's that way.

Is this a film you'll want to watch? It's just below the middle of the pack in my opinion. It does well but neither does it excel in any particular way. For the girls prep school genre, I'd probably suggest Lost and Delirious with Piper Perabo instead, though it's more of a drama than a comedy.

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