This would be a better movie if it were possible to not know the outcome from the top. Even if you avoided the press for the film, you'd have to have been hiding from the media the last ten years to not see that Julia Roberts in what would seem to be a smaller role, must in fact be the true romantic lead for John Cusack, rather than Catherine Zeta Jones, who might have some cachet these days, but does not pull down more than twenty million dollars a picture yet.

While I'm dropping names, we've also got Billy Crystal, Hank Azaria, Seth Green, Stanley Tucci, and Christopher Walken. It's a Hollywood film with Hollywood pull and Hollywood production values. It's hard to fault anything to do with the production of the film. Thus, the real variable here is the script and the acting.

There's some good bits in here, but there's no magic, there's no moment of wonder in the film. And that's what this kind of film calls for. They're supposed to be there, but the script follows the comedy formula too closely for them to be felt as real.

The plot around Christopher Walken's character is pretty riotous. Too bad the movie wouldn't have worked with that as the main plot.

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