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I might just be a glutton for punishment, but at least I wait for films made from SNL sketches to show up on cable, rather than pay seven bucks to see them in the theater.

Maybe one of these days, one of these films will actually be interesting, but apparently they make just enough money that Lorne Michael's not going to tinker with their formula.

I had some hope for The Ladies Man. Maybe it was the thought they'd have to be more creative about stretching the concept of a radio show to feature-length. Maybe it's the naivete of this particular character that appeals to me. Whatever the reason, I'd probably have been better choosing Osmosis Jones over on HBO.

Is it something about the filmmakers, or just the nature of adapating from a sketch - you can argue that the character(s) from an adpatation is necessarily very shallowly drawn already, but that does not preclude any depth being added to it! The whole thing smacks of franchise and lack of imagination

What is Julianne Moore doing in here, dressed up as a clown, no less?

Or Billy Dee Williams? His role as the wise and steady bartender at least has some dignity to it, but the project would seem well beneath his abilities.

I hate to use the word after all that's come before it, but the climax is practically not there. I think they were trying something a little more ambitious, but the movie wasn't deep enough to pull it off.

We should send Lorne back to the drawing board before letting another sketch adaptation out.

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