Writer/Director Billy Morrisette transplants MacBeth to a seventies era hamburger joint.

I think that's all I need to say about the setup. The seventies style is implemented well, even imaginatively. The story adaptations, on the other hand, often leave something to be desired. At pretty regular intervals, I found myself finding a scene that had no impact, or a character (or three) that didn't seem to belong. I don't care if you're the Coen Brothers, your movie has to stand on its own - a foolish correspondence to source material is the hobgoblin of adaptation writers.

At the same time, this movie is downright funny. You may question why you are laughing, whether it's appropriate to laugh, or why the hell two people in a deer costume just crossed the screen. The film is filled with visual non-sequitors that are there to make you scream "why?" but somehow, they work (for the most part).

Actingwise, Maura Tierney and Christopher Walken turn out excellent performances. Maura definitely has a range, though I wish her character would have shown more of it, or at least not had an ending that bordered on pointless. James LeGros, as the lead, keeps well in character, but doesn't have any room to show off.

With another couple drafts of the script, this could have been a tremendous comedy. As it is, we have a performs-better-than-expected middle-of-the-packer.

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