Smokers is a movie that wants to be like many of the movies that came before it. When I watched this movie, I remembered other, better films like Cruel Intentions, Jawbreakers, and Foxfire.

The simple premise involves three friends - a strong dominant leader, the independent middle, and the sheep-like follower. They of course are presented with a plan, and the movie follows this group as it executes the plan. It is initially successful, and then as we move forward, the group suffers through trauma and the strain begins to tear the group apart.

Mapping this very old plot to Smokers finds us with three 'high school' girlfriends who are tired of their hyper-sexual relationships with boys. They want the upper hand and thus emerges the plan'. As the girls stalk boys and become the sexual predators, the plan breaks down.

Poorly executed, this movie is too thin. We aren't really drawn to the characters and never become engaged in their plan. As the movie drags on, we seem to care less about the characters. It seems to be a first effort from the director/producer/screenwriter Chistina Peters. Also in the movie is Thora Birch. But this movie must have set on the shelf for a while. Thora looks older in American Beauty, which was released before this.

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