No problem with insomnia

I feel asleep during this movie. I don't know if it's the title, or the film's style, or something else. Considering the pedigree of this film includes Memento and a highly regarded European movie; I was surprised how pedestrian the film comes off.

The movie doesn't seem to be a complex story of crime, it's just a story of a cop gone bad. Pacino is Pacino. Hillary Swank was pretty good, but probably not enough of her character. Robin Williams tones down his annoying comedy act and puts on the drama suit.

The style of the film is ok. Pacino's an (recent?) insomniac. Towards his third day of being awake, his visions begin to be spliced with dreams and reality. The obligatory fuzzy focus and lens work are supposed to help the audience understand the insomnia. Being stuck in Nightmute, Alaska, the director gets to play with lighting (it's 24 hours of daylight).

The plot of the movie was disappointing for me. It is told pretty much in a linear time fashion. The great revelation at the end of the movie doesn't unveil enough for me to have cared.

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