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Sugar Town is a Los Angeles story of people in the music and film world beyond the "industry prime" trying to keep their careers going. Allison Anders and Kurt Voss have rolled together a mostly realistic ensemble piece. Where it seems to break down most is around the rebellious kid ("Nerve") dropped off on one of our rock star's doorsteps, who is apparently his father. It's hard to write good dialog for that sort of character, particularly in an ensemble piece where there's little opportunity to show the internals of the character.

It's pretty well acted by largely former B-listers and unknowns - those most familiar to you will be Rosanna Arquette, Ally Sheedy, and former Duran Duran bassist John Taylor (not bad, actually). Every now and then, a line of dialog falls flat, and it's not clear what to blame - the script, the actor, or the directing. Perhaps it's just the combination, but the fact the script was written in just one week is a little telling.

This film makes an interesting lead-in to Anders' recent film Things Behind The Sun which also has music as a background as well as actress Jade Gordon in a much more interesting role.

Don't look for a nicely wrapped up ending. There's plenty of road ahead of these characters. It's not that there's no resolution, just wider frontiers.

Probably the only movie you'll ever see dedicated to Falco.

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