Suspension of Belief

What we have here is an ensemble piece, composed of young adults trying to be interesting on screen, and also dealing with their life issues.

The dialog is somewhat insipid, the result of a screenwriter knowing he wants to combine a slice of life with moments of significance, but being quite translucent in the process. Major elements of the plot are completely telegraphed by poorly chosen revelatory hints. The greats can make lines of dialog work two or three different ways so we appreciate the ironies later without seeing them at first. On-screen cleverness, ironically, only works if it appears to be an accident.

The players? Arye Gross, Courtney Cox (before Arquette), and a slew of people who I don't recognize. Collectively, they deliver their lines well enough, believably enough, but this material seems to call for something more in terms of characterization. The alternative would have been a more intimate use of the camera, but budgetary and length restraints probably precluded anything of the sort.

Really, though, the biggest thing is that we aren't given enough reason to care about what's going on. The other problems distance us from a sense of reality, and even though there are some fun moments, it's easier to identify with the actors having fun making the movie than with their characters.

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