Hitchcock Classic

I've seen this one before, and while I'm not entirely up on Hitchcock's works, Notorious displays quite a few examples of his trademark style, from the extremely purposeful camerawork to the moral ambiguities of the characters.

Ingrid Bergman is the alcoholic daughter of a man just sent to jail for organized crime. Cary Grant is the lawman who persuades her to help in a mission in Rio. Their relationship becomes infinitely more complicated once they've been in Brazil for a while. As part of this investigation, Ingrid actually marries the head of this criminal operation. Talk about dedication to a cause.

The pace is quick, and transitions and establishing shots are all cut to match. Yet the moments are each allowed to develop and never actually feel rushed.

Notorious is, in fact, a love story, one where our potential lovers are kept apart for reasons they cannot control. Their agony is quite palpable on screen, but their actions are nearly in complete denial. Unlike certain recent releases that fail to balance love with a more dramatic mainline plot, Notorious succeeds quite admirably, and we're never allowed to forget the tensions these two are living with.

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