Ten, nine, eight...

Hmmm. Dudley Moore going through a midlife crisis in Los Angeles. Trying to be sophisticated in some respects. But Moore plays a bit of a buffoon as well. Made in 1979, so there's a bit of the woman's liberation theme going on here - as a theme, it doesn't seem to age well. Julie Andrews too as his girlfriend, both not really trying to throw off their Britishness. These are artsy, sexual people apparently.

What does it mean to be young? Perhaps I'm out of touch with the artsy side of the seventies, but these folks are pretty bland. Why should we be interested? Perhaps the cultural relativism has faded much more in this film than, say, An Unmarried Woman.

This is a film written and directed by Blake Edwards. The common elements with the Pink Panther films is a certain absurdity of situations, but they seem wasted, thrown away by the mature material being illuminated. Try to think of Eyes Wide Shut with Phil Hartman in the leading role. It's just not workable.

All this without having seen Bo Derek yet in the movie. Yet I feel I've seen enough to know not to expect any differences as the film progresses.

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