Aspires to be dirt

I've heard David Spade complain about the writers on the series Don't Shoot Me making his character something of a wuss. Being co-writer on this movie means he can make his character everything he really desires in a role. It's hard to say whether his own creation is a more flattering reflection on himself.

Joe Dirt, the character, is a mulletted, classic hard rock loving, janitor, who has adventures related to either his substantial lack of intellect, or his base redneck instincts. The tale is told within the framework of a radio show, wherein Dirt becomes something of a cult figure, apparently capitalizing on the fact that those who would respect such an anti-hero coincide with those who may actually like the movie.

This is a movie that aims so low, that even if it accomplishes its less-than-lofty goals, it's still a pretty bad movie. For what it's trying to be, it actually does end up achieving much of what would seem like an original vision. But the filmmaking comes of a little rote at the same time.

There's no need to soil your hands with this mess.

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