Heavy Friendship Drama with a Point

Boys on the Side has an agenda, and it doesn't let us know until nearly the end, when bam! - everything we've seen unfold serves to illustrate a certain sociopolitical principle. I have no issues with the particular principle being pushed, nor even the concept of burying messages in the medium. But when you dress it up, trot it out in front of everyone, and give it an associate producer credit... you've got to draw the line somewhere. Even worse, this is all revealed in an emotional courtroom drama that does not seem plausible to me. And it's a shame because the acting is great, the cinematography is interesting, and other than this detour into preaching, the script is subtle and well textured. I'd love to give this a 7, but I can't do it. If they'd have stopped - simply gone to credits - right before this pedantic sidetrip, I'd have given it a 6. Oh well.
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