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Bicentennial Man, starring Robin Williams as a Johnny 5 from Short Circuit (1986) (no wait... that's not right), is an amazing story about Andrew the Android's quest for humanity. It has all of the great drama you would expect to find in your typical love story, your typical afterschool family bonding story, and your typical android having sex with human story.

The time line of the movie is fairly easy to follow even though it seems to span 2 or 3 generations (2.5?). While I didn't find the movie overly "sappy," some parts seemed to drag along.

Most of the humorous scenes from the movie deal with Andrew's naivety in dealing with humans, as well as his disdain for robots with activated personality chips. I was happy to see that they didn't go overboard with the "look, the robot doesn't understand [insert human oddity here]" type of jokes.

I would most certainly recommend this movie on VHS or DVD, or any video medium with a pause feature. It is rather lengthy, but is certainly worth the time.

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