Jumpjets for EVERYONE!

I first saw the last half of this movie on a premium movie channel, which of course led me to watch the first half at a later showing. For some reason, I seemed to convince myself that if I were to watch the first half of the movie, the second half would make more sense. Boy was I wrong.

This half-baked post-apocolyptic view into the future presents an interesting idea combined with some of the worst acting and one of the most atrocious storylines.

Our hero, Jonnie (Barry Pepper), is a "man-animal" taught reading, writing and arithmetic by the oppressive Psychlos. This knowledge lets him start a rebellion to take back planet earth by concocting ridiculous plans that seem to put hundreds of "man-animals" into harm's way for absolutely no reason.

While watching this movie, ask yourself why they even bothered to fight the Psychlo guards in hand-to-hand combat if they were just going to blow up the dome. When did these "cavemen" learn to fly the Harrier Jumpjets? When did they get a chance to discover targeting computers and heat-seeking missles? Were I a Psychlo, I would be screaming beginners' luck!

Again, the idea is interesting, although way too reminiscent of Planet of the Apes. I would recommend this movie to someone only if it were 6:00 AM and your choices are this movie or the new Nads hair removal system infomercial.

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