Matt LeBlanc is not the only member of the Friends cast to work with animals. In this dreadful baseball movie, this minor league pitching rookie gets teamed with a baseball-playing chimp. Besides LeBlanc, we have the guy from behind the clock in Hudsucker Proxy and Davers from Bulworth.

If you didn't see it coming, this is a kids movie. It's almost a good kids movie, even, though it's not offering a thing for adults. Its most worthy aspect is that, up until the third act, there is nary a whiff of a bad guy. Our bad guys get introduced, of course, but they're just there, hanging around, until we need our dramatic, kid-friendly conclusion.

There is some minorly interesting cinematography, in a comic sort of way, doing its part to serve the action and plot. Still, it's nothing to go out of the way to see.

Despite the kids movie tag, we degenerate into violence at the end, and the script pushes the envelope a bit with language and bodily functions throughout - I don't think it's too far myself, but I should mention it if any parents are thinking about seeing this one.

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