Can't Save Itself

High production values do not mean a good movie. Forrest Gump is a particularly clever movie in terms of storytelling, cinematography, and special effects. It also happens to be a somewhat reprehensible movie. Every heartstring is pulled, every sentimental trick pulled. The script is constantly doing its best to make us like, or at least have sympathy for, our beloved protagonist of the title.

Where it really crosses the line with me is in its blatant exploitation of the simplist themes available in popular culture. Forrest is below average intelligence, and is portrayed as wildly successful in life due largely to his honesty and naivety, always stumbling into situations that come out in his favor. No, you don't have to be capable of rocket science to have a happy life, but the film panders to the american delusion of easy success and is inadvertently disrespectful of those who work hard to get themselves ahead in life.

If you can turn off your mind entirely, this can be enjoyable from the production elements and sheer spectacle of the film. Perhaps you'll even call it a favorite. The rest of us will just cringe and pretend not to know you.

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