AVP...such a disappointment...

First off, let me say that I like the Aliens and I like the Predators. Both species kick ass. Both franchises have the potential for such great storylines...until this movie came along.

Most filmmakers usually avoid crossover storylines for the simple fact that it can be difficult to formulate a story to give credit to both the opposing realms. Take "Freddy vs. Jason" for example. If you've read my review for "FvJ", I did kind of like it. It maintained the illusion and strengths of both characters and did not giving either creep a clear advantage over the other.

This movie was, on the other hand, without a doubt, a huge disappointment. It was waaaayyy overhyped in the papers and on TV commercials. Essentially, we saw little of the Predators in action and what they were capable of. We saw the humans being the usual dumb@$$es by walking into and creating a situation that could have been avoided. And we saw the Aliens kicking everyones' collective @$$es all over that stupid temple underneath the surface of the island.

The story is very predictable and you can pretty much guess what's going to happen from scene to scene.

I realize you have to suspend belief when you go to see movies of this kind...but come on. The audience that they are attracting are the ones that read this same crossover in the comics and are hoping for something as equally creative. It's worth watching once just to see what the hype is about. Just do your best to stay awake.

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