Ken Russell's Mid Career Stumble?

I remember seeing this film on cable shortly after it was released. I was at the local store and saw the DVD as a 'discount' title and decided to pick it up. Time has not been kind to this film. This could be the fate of all films that are set up to 'shock' the current cultural mentality. Two decades later, the shock factor is gone.

Kathleen Turner stars as the dichotomous personality Joanna Crane/China Blue. As Joanna Crane, she is the successful designer of woman's clothing. As China Blue, she is a readily available prostitute.

Made before the explosion of cable, the internet, and the second mainstream acceptance of porn in the US; Crimes of Passion's explicit scenes don't seem that explicit. So, we are left to accept the rest of the movie on different merits. Doing so, proves their is not much else here. The soundtrack seems even more dated than it is - synthesizer scores without any of the longevity of Morricone or classic panache of Moog work. The script isn't much for character development. Most of the lines seem to be delivered with a megaphone approach. Anthony Perkins seems to reinvent a parody of his roles in Psycho. All in all, I'd skip this one.

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