Thora! Thora! Thora!

This isn't a John Hughes movie. Nor is it some exhaustive story of teen angst. It fits somewhere in the creative space between. Thora Birch stars as Enid. Scarlett Johansson stars as Rebecca. We catch up with these two on graduation day. They are thinking of getting an apartment, but have no real means to support themselves. Rebecca takes a job at a coffee store. Enid has a crush on an eccentric older man, Steve Buscemi. This is how the summer begins. Aimlessly and without much direction. The friends drift apart. Rebecca becomes focused on money and the apartment. Enid becomes more focused on her pseudo-boyfriend. Enid takes a summer art class in order to graduate. She finds some inspiration here. But she finds just as much inspiration in the old 33/78 records she gets from Buscemi. Struggling with her dad, her feelings, her friendship, Enid tries to figure it out.

This movie isn't a comedy and it's not really a drama. Again, it fits somewhere in between. Calling it a dramedy isn't fair. Their are awkwardly funny moments and some that are just depressing. A great performance by Thora Birch. Worth watching

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