Andrew and I agree?

I was ill over the weekend and was on top of a new bed trying to catch up on some sleep. The new bed is too tall. Why do you care? Well, the remote fell off the bed and I couldn't reach it any more (remember the bed is too tall). The TV was stuck on UPN 20's Movie Matinee and Bio-Dome was on.

Pauley Shore - bad.

{Insert First Name} Baldwin - really bad.

I remember a commentary on NPR one time about the growing tide of anti-intellectual movies. They point to Forest Gump as a leader in this field. It sure makes us feel good when the simpleton wins.

This movie has so few ideas it seems to have derived most of its storyline from rejected follow ups to Tango and Cash. If this is a vehichle, it isn't a star vehicle. In fact, I would guess that if this was made a few years later, both of them would be starring in the CALL-ATT commerical campaign.

There's even an attempt at educating people by having the 'scientists' describe the eco system only to be turned into a bad joke. This film makes Nurse Betty look like something done by Orson Wells.

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