Don't Tell Me I Watched This

Shelly Long seems to think she's a comedy actress. That's okay, I'm sure she enjoys it. It would be interesting to see her pick something that is good comedy, though. The first Brady Bunch movie was okay, but isn't really something to stretch your wings in. Here she plays a particularly smart woman, who by the flukes that make up life, ends up writing romance novels. The movie features her trying to fix up her supposedly inept brother, Gus (Steve Gutenberg), with an acquaintance (Jamie Gertz).

The whole movie depends on believing that Gus needs to be taught how to get the girl, coincidently by the romance novel formula (it is telling that the original title was 'The Boyfriend School'. At the onset, Gus is bald, just recovering from Hodgkin's Disease, and allowably a little out of touch. The problem with the movie is that it is much too easy for Gus to "learn". Most of the difficulties are treated humorously, and strictly from situation, and not from character, and worse, not from any real reason why this should be difficult for him.

There's not too much reason to go on further. Sure, there's a few good moments, and some gags worth laughing over, but with so much selection out there, we don't have to settle for such a fractured and manufactured story.

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