Thematic Farce

I have a thing for comedy where the humor is derived from character, and anything less is somehow flawed, as if the writer was trying to hard when, really, it's harder to do character-based comedy. Flirting with Disaster manages to mix together the different forms of comedy without missing a beat, and it happens to work out very well. I didn't notice my subpar-comedy-radar kick in at all.

The title is more appropriate than the generic hollywood pattern it seems to evoke. We have a fairly ensemble cast, set against a background of a birth parent search, all exploring personally dangerous territory, much related to the prospect of people cheating on each other.

It's also, pretty much, a road movie, as our characters try to find the correct set of birth parents. Much goes wrong there, as you can imagine. Yes, the fact of plot twists, the timing of them is not surprising, but they are executed well. This genre of movies has been pretty well defined, and it's apparently still possible to make it interesting while still following the rules.

Perhaps the best part of the movie are the snippets inserted into the credits. Makes sure you don't miss those because you think the movie's over.

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