Not another hair pun!

The Big Tease is a mockumentary, much in the style of Best In Show, though predating that film by a year. This is the story of a hairdresser, Crawford Mackenzie, played by Craig Ferguson of the Drew Carey Show, who enters a "Hair Off" competition in Los Angeles. It's an interesting coincidence that I stumbled upon this one on the same day I'm getting I'm first professional haircut in, oh, five years or so.

There is a certain amount of culture shock and misunderstandings for Crawford as he deals with the raw American culture of Los Angeles. He has to fight to actually get into the competition, which ends up requiring him join HAG, an obvious spoof on what actors go through trying to get a SAG card. Crawford also keeps running into Stig, the reigning champ of the Platinum Scissors, and his main competition.

Yes, as the obvious comparison is to Best In Show, I'll have to say something here about that. The Big Tease is following just one competitor around, so it's a bit stronger on plot, and while the humor is very similar, I'd have to give the nod to Best In Show there.

Quite a few familiar faces pop up over the course of the movie, several of them simply as themselves, including Ferguson's pal, Drew Carey.

There's an awful lot of random little moments, which stand somewhat on their own, and fit into the movie's sense of humor. The finale is simply pretty far out there. All in all, an enjoyable little comedy.

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