Ang Lee presents 'Your Entangled Family Portrait'

Ang Lee has an impressive resume of english language films. This is my favorite so far. Probably over looked because of it's anti-genre stance. The movie is from a book (which I haven't read) that spins a story of a family with a narrative based on the Fantastic Four comic book series. If I were in school again, I could smell a lovely research paper comparing the two 'families'.

It's set in the 70's and looks genuine without the saccharin qualities of Dazed & Confused or worse, 'That 70's show'. Starring Joan Allen, Kevin Kline, Tobey Maguire, and Christina Ricci as the family unit, the movie has many layers. Ricci can be a real scene stealer and she does so in this movie. She seems to be infatuated or confused or torturing the neighbor boy and his younger brother. Maguire's character is trying to escape his family, but realizes that he can't really find a place that suits him. The estranged relationship between Kline and Allen is damaging and real. Throw in some loose 70's swinger parties and this family is ripping apart, not just at the seams. The looming new england ice storm freezes everything - even for just a moment in time and when the storm passes, all those that have been affected are changed - some for the better, some not.

Seek this out.

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