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Is there something about older movies that makes us - I guess I should say 'me' - more forgiving? There was a time when ideas were new, at least to the silver screen. Is there something about a genre when it hasn't been explored to death that allows a certain freedom? Perhaps I should consider that maybe I let people from a different era get away with atypical dialog because I don't live through that time? Or maybe I've just recently been watching Billy Wilder movies, and he really was that good. This film is about a murder-for-insurance-money ploy, and where a modern movie would get embarrassed and pick up the pace because of a loose detail, here that detail gets embraced and explored. One masterstroke here is that we are told at the outset several of the major questions we would otherwise have been obsessed with until they were revealed by the plot - this actually frees the audience to experience the life of the protagonist. Maybe they don't make movies like this anymore. That's fine, so long as we don't lose the ability to look back and not forget.
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