Kicky Fluff, better than expected

This is a better movie than it appears to be at first glance. We're not talking Citizen Kane, but this isn't your average stupid teen comedy either.

The cheerleaders at Meat Ranch (er, Rancho Carne) High School have unwittingly been using cheers stolen by the previous head cheerleader from a distant Los Angeles squad. They've even won numerous awards with these cheers, and when their new head cheerleader, Torrence (Kirsten Dunst), discovers the just graduated previous head cheerleader had videotaped the cheers of East Compton, she gets determined to do the right thing and keep their winning tradition going at the same time.

Meanwhile, the East Compton squad is peeved at their cheers being stolen, but have never been able to afford going to the national competition that Rancho Carne has been winning.

Obviously we're going to see these two squads competing against each other at the end of the movie.

No, I'm not going to argue you have to go see this, but it's not completely wasted time either. Yes, there are some extended cheerleading sequences. You don't have to be the sort who can sit for hours in front of the championships on ESPN to watch them - they are filmed well, and it's always easier to be familiar with the players in such an event... Anyway, I'm just trying to see this isn't a movie to avoid, thought there's no strong reason to seek it out either.

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