Bring me the head of the man-animal that greenlit this one

This film plays like a bad episode of Xena or that Hercules series by the same people. You can say what you want about those series, but they at least had a sense of humor about themselves which made it possible to accept the trailer park melodrama.

The filmmakers are constantly using dutch angles, as if the filmmakers knew the dialog wouldn't be believable unless the audience felt either high or nauseous.

Now, I hate to confess that I actually read, in my younger and more impressionable days, the Hubbard novel upon which this is based. This movie both lives up to the middling, self-important ambitions of the novel, yet fails to be as readable - in this form, the audience is simply not able to fill in the details around the edges to keep it interesting.

Travolta speaks his lines like he is reading Shakespeare, which maybe is how he feels about the Lord of his Cult. I was just waiting to see Terence Stamp, in MindHead guise, walk out to him, saying "What are our three happy principles?" (okay, I know I'm not quoting that right).

Sometimes a project lives up to its infamy, and this seems to even undershoot its bad publicity. The most accurate review would simply be a five minute clip.

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