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Tape's an odd movie. Directed by Richard Linklater, who seems to specialize in the ensemble cast, Tape has only three characters and one set. Ethan Hawke plays Vince and some guy that looks familiar plays John. They meet up in an hotel room as old high school buddies. This is where the film literally begins and we never leave the hotel room. Discussing the plot in detail would definitely ruin the need to see the movie. So, I'll just make some observations. At times, it felt like a cross between Cinema Verite and a Whit Stillman movie. The entire movie revolves around a dialog between Vince and John and their girlfriend, Amy (Uma Thurman) who joins the movie about half way through. Reuniting from high school, the DVD says these three are 'disparate'. I'd suggest they are desperate. Each takes the uppity road and insists on proving themselves and recapturing something they lost. Pot shots fly. But no one seems to understand that time moves forward and things in the past are hard to correct. Good performances all around make this worth seeing, but probably not seeking out.
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